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Subluxations Require Skilled Chiropractic Care

Chaney Chiropractic Clinic is your Beverly Hills Chiropractor for pain associated with injuries, repetitive movement, chronic disease, and more. We serve the area with effective chiropractic treatment and our patients rely on us to help them heal fully and even improve their health.

How Do You Get Subluxations?

Subluxations occur when a joint, bone, or vertebra is partially dislocated. This displacement can be extremely painful, just like other dislocations, but sometimes patients do not even realize what is causing the pain because the injury occurred over time or from an occurrence that did not seem that extreme at the time. A slip or fall, repetitive movements, age, degenerative disease, and more can all cause subluxations.

How Do You Treat Subluxations?

A skilled chiropractor will start by discovering the cause of your subluxation, if possible. Subluxations will then be treated with chiropractic care to reduce any pain and inflammation, and to help put the dislocation back into the anatomically correct location through chiropractic manipulation, massage, and adjustment.

Subluxation treatment does not hurt. For the most part, you can simply lay in position and allow your chiropractor to work on the area that has the subluxation. If you suspect you may have a subluxation, but do not recall an exact injury, you may be correct. There is a connection between subluxation and stress, repetitive motions, and certain degenerative diseases. Our chiropractor can help treat your current pain, whatever the cause, and teach you methods to prevent future subluxations and pain.

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