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There are a lot of causes for back pain, and one of the contributing factors to worsening that pain is poor posture. Dr. Chaney and Dr. Walther at Chaney Chiropractic Clinic provide quality chiropractic care for residents in and around Beverly Hills or Spring Hill, FL. We understand that disc injuries like a herniated disc can cause problems, but poor posture can also add to mobility issues. You don’t have to settle for just living in pain when there is help available.

How Poor Posture Affects Back Pain

When the discs and other areas of the spine are herniated, stretched, or injured in any way, slouching or other signs of poor posture can come about to reduce some of the discomfort. Sitting more often can also be common, because moving around may hurt. Over time, extra sitting and bad posture can contribute to more pain. With poor posture, the back is stretched and pulled out of alignment, which can lead to significant discomfort. Proper chiropractic care can help reduce your pain and support the healing process.

Mobility Issues Affect Your Quality of Life

One of the biggest concerns with poor posture and back pain is mobility. If you are having trouble being mobile due to a herniated disc or other types of disc injuries, our chiropractor will help you find ways to reduce your pain. We will also work with you on posture concerns, so you can feel better and start reducing your back pain naturally. Learning how to fix bad posture goes a long way toward restoring your range of motion and less discomfort.

Contact Our Chiropractor at Chaney Chiropractic Clinic

If you are suffering from back pain and live in or around Spring Hill or Beverly Hills, contact Dr. Chaney and Dr. Walther at Chaney Chiropractic Clinic. We understand that back pain can derail your life and affect your work and hobbies. We want to make sure that poor posture isn’t making your back pain worse. Call our Beverly Hills office today at (352) 270-8869 or our Spring Hill office at (352) 686-6385.

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