I had a great visit with these amazing people. Everyone in the office made you feel so comfortable. Very nice group!!!! Will keep going back there for sure. Thank you Dr. Chaney and staff for making me feel so much better. See you soon!!!

Donna C.

Dr. Chaney has helped me immensely with my neck and back. He’s excellent as well as his entire staff.

Linda W.

Went there cause I was having severe pain under my right wing and down my arm for two months Dr Walther did x-rays and found my neck and spine were a mess also have a rib out of place under my right wing which was causing me pain and my arm going numb. Well he is miraculously perfect and I am not in as much pain now after one visit will definitely keep up with my other visits thank you very much. Everyone in the office were perfect.

Shirley B.

The entire staff is very attentive and welcoming. Dr. Chaney listens to my issues and works hard to lesson my pain. I have gone from barely functional to feeling almost no pain. I am grateful for his expertise.

Edna E.

So happy I made the change, Dr. Walther is a kind, gentle and caring doctor. The office staff are Happy and Caring also that says a lot for the Doctors they are working for. Thanks to everyone for making me feel at home and so much better.

Tamara D.

Was thrilled with this experience! New client, got me scheduled right away. Was in a lot of pain at the time. Everything was explained to me thoroughly and Dr. took his time. Would recommend to anyone!

Janet W.

From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed. The staff is extremely nice, and professional. I look forward to leaving though, because I feel much better after the treatment.

Douglas T.

The staff are helpful and friendly and everyone takes care to make sure the patient is comfortable. The tech staff are amazing! Drs Chaney and Walther are kind and friendly. I have highly recommended them to others. Thank you.

Gladys K.

Friendly, considerate and caring. I feel like my health and well-being matter when I got in Chaney. The staff are great at their jobs and Dr Chaney makes me feel like I can function in my day to day life. I only go to the emergency room when Chaney is closed.

Kenneth P.

Treat us like family, truly caring from entrance to exit, can’t say enough to express our gratitude to a wonderful, professional, yet caring Doc, to all of the team. I guess that’s it, they are a totally committed cohesive team. Thank you for caring.

Cathryn W.

When I leave I always feel so much better. And the staff is also so kind. I highly recommend Dr Chaney.

Karen R.

They are absolutely amazing! They have a great vibe, make you feel super welcome it’s nice and fun. Everyone is kind and friendly. Favorite chiropractor office for sure!! 10/10 if you chose somewhere that’s not here your crazy!

Jazleen C.

They are the best! When I first came I was in a wheelchair. I was in so much pain and could not walk out unbelievable pain. I was on pain medication. Within two weeks I was off pain meds. I am now able to walk 45 minutes a day. I have been coming for about 2 months. Dr. Chaney and his staff are amazing! I am getting my l life back! Thank you.

Donna C

Awesome chiropractors! Absolutely love this place!

Kaitlin S.

Getting added as a new patient was the easiest process I’ve encountered. And they understand working with people whose lives revolve around working out.

Sbl L.

Dr Chaney and his staff are the best, my life changed a lot, I feel complete another person.
Dr Chaney and his people are the best, my life has changed a lot, I feel like a completely different person.

Dennia R.

I could barely walk in the door when I went for my first appointment. In 3 weeks, I was so improved, I was able to go on vacation. All the employees are caring and nice and do their jobs so well with a great sense of humor. And that includes Dr. Walther. From the first time I walked in the door until I leave, every appointment has been a good experience for me. I didn’t (give) Dr. Walther and The Chaney gang five stars, they earned them.

Linda D.

I was referred to this office after being involved in an accident sustaining a concussion and injuries to both legs, and seeing several doctors with no real answers. I spoke with Dr. Chaney, who listened to everything I said and put me on a path of recovery and kept saying he knew what needed to be done and that I was going to be okay. 3 weeks in, and I am feeling so much better! The staff make you feel like family and remember your name and so many details about you. This is absolutely the place to go to feel better! If not for this office, I don’t know where I would be!

Carly T.

Dr. Chaney’s staff provides above and beyond personal service and comfort to the client. The staff continually accommodates the patient with the appointment changes or request for needed appointment with immediate action. Dr. Chaney is always timely and suggest means for his patients to improve their condition with home exercises or treatment to ease their discomfort. God Bless Dr. Chaney and his staff.

Stuart M.

Dr. Chaney is the best. He has helped me very much.

Richard S.

Love Dr. Chaney. Been going for a long time. The Staff is like family also.

Mary D.

We love Dr. Chaney and his staff they are always professional and courteous. They make you feel right at home. Three generations of my family see Dr. Chaney and we love him. My daughter and I call him "magic hands" because whatever your ailment, he will find it and he will do everything he can to fix it.

Sherri M.

I wish I could spread the word to all who need a chiropractor. Dr Chaney is the best ever. His staff is absolutely fantastic, they make you feel wonderful physically and are so inspirational. I am so thankful for each one of them.

Georgia S.

I am fairly new at Chaney Chiropractic. I love the doctor's techniques. Everyone is friendly and caring. I'm so happy I made this change in my Chiropractic care.

Tracey B.

I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Walther. After reading a lot of great reviews about Chaney Chiropractic, I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Walther (having no idea what was wrong with me) and my life has been completely changed for the better. He gives me the attention, time and respect to listen to all of my needs, discuss treatment and makes me feel welcome. As for my treatment, I receive an ultrasound on my shoulders, use the rolling table and get adjusted. I’ve never felt so good in my life. The staff is very kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Chaney Chiropractic.

Jamie C.

Very professional top notch hope to be a long time customer

Dean S.

Dr. Chaney is very caring chiropractor. He differently listen to what you tell and comes up with the best solutions. The office staff is great, very friendly and helpful.

Deborah M.
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